Wayúu Sewing Technics

Who are we?

We are a group of enterprising women, old and wise, who from many years ago found in the fabric a way to get ahead to fulfill our dreams and have a better quality of life physically and emotionally.

What we do…

We knit all the time, backpacks with the wayúu technique, bath exits, blouses, sandals, and everything that is possible to imagine and create.

How we do it?

With crochet, two needles, with different techniques of hand weaving, completely handmade and with impeccable finishes of quality.

Why we do it?

We do it because it is a way to feel productive. We do it to have income that contribute to our families, We do it to have the satisfaction of offering useful items of clothing with love and quality.

Who cares about our products?

For many years, our products fit a lot to all ages and for all tastes: men women, children, young, there is always something for everyone.

How to find us ?

By voice to voice, by electronic means, with advertising and printed catalogues, by means of Casitas Bogotá community and in the future in a warehouse space with very beautiful display cases and mannequins.

Why do they care?

The customer is very interested in handmade, creative and well made artesanal products. It’s such a blessing to wear clothes with sense, with a history of craftsmanship, of quality effort love.